#GoodNews: Amazing Tot Raises Money For Milk For Classmates


At five-year-old Sunshine Oelfke’s house, it’s a rule that she drinks milk with every meal. So when she saw a friend at school who didn’t have milk, she was worried they couldn’t buy it for themselves, so she brought money the next day so her friend could buy milk.

This generous kindergarten student even took her piggy bank savings she was going to use for her own snowmobile and donated that to her class milk fund, so all of the kids could have milk if they wanted it. Sunshine’s grandma helped her start a GoFundMe account and raised more than $600 in just a week - all that money they plan to donate to students in need at her school.

“We talk about our rules and do what’s right and treat others the way you want to be treated,” Principal Bernie Anderson explains. “This all kind of falls in line and it’s a great example that when you teach it and you emphasize it, the children pick up on it; they understand there’s a need and they understand the value in helping.”

Source: Babble

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