Pink Berated By Trolls After Suggesting There’s “Still Hope” For Trump

These days there seems to be a lot of negativity in the world, and when Pink tried to share some positive sentiments she got shot down by a bunch of Twitter trolls.

It all started when Pink tweeted her disapproval of the president, along with the hopes that he could turn things around. “@POTUS you are doing a terrible job. Worse than every other job you've done terrible at. Do you seriously have time to worry about the NFL?,” she tweeted, before adding, “I've seen people change and turn their lives around. There's still hope for you @POTUS. It's what the world needs.” 

The post prompted some random troll to then tweet, “Pink used Black music to become very famous. She then shifted while shitting on the genre that introduced her. This ain’t that shocking tbh,” to which she replied, “Wait- wtf are you talking about? I'm attempting positivity and motivation b/c I'm hopeless. And now youre mad at ME?”

All of this led to a bunch of other trolls suggesting that she voted for Trump, which had her completely perplexed.

“I think this world needs HOPE and LOVE and POSITIVITY and we all need some inspiration to not be SH*TTY ALL THE TIME,” she shared. “I'm sorry y'all. I assumed you all knew who the f**k I am and what the f**k I stand for. Cause I have never faltered. I have always been me.”

Captain Tony

Captain Tony

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