#GoodNews: Vet Who Saved Dozens After Vegas Shooting Given New Truck


B5 Motors, an auto dealership in Gilbert, Arizona is honoring the courageous actions of a veteran who saved dozens of lives at the Las Vegas shooting last week with a free new truck. Marine vet Taylor Winston stole a truck during the mass shooting to drive critically injured victims to the hospital.

When Shane Beus, owner of B5 Motors, heard Winston’s story, he wanted to express his appreciation for his bravery, so he offered him a brand-new Ford F-150 truck, free of charge. Everyone’s calling Winston a hero for what he did, but the 29-year-old says he’s not comfortable with the word.

"There are just so many people out there like me in our community, and, I'm sure, across America, that would do the same," he said. "It's been great having a story like that out there versus, you know, one person who's just super evil."

Source: Arizona Family

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