Potterheads Can Now Get Pumpkin Juice At Starbucks

Get ready to be excited wizard wannabes - now you can finally get pumpkin juice without the hassle of flying your Nimbus 2000 to the Wizarding World of Harry Potter. The bright orange beverage is available at your local Starbucks as part of their secret menu. You just need to know how to order it right.

If you head into a Starbucks and ask the barista for a “pumpkin juice,” you can expect to get the side eye. But to can get your hands on one, start by ordering an apple juice filled up to the top line of the cup. Then ask them to add pumpkin spice sauce (1.5 pumps for tall, two pumps for grande, and three for a venti) then fill the cup with ice.

Take it to the next level by asking for a sprinkle of the pumpkin-spice topping, too. You’ll want to stir the sweet concoction well before taking a sip, but this is the pumpkin juice hack you’ve been waiting for.


Captain Tony

Captain Tony

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