Parents Reveal Their Worst Fears For Their Children

While being a parent is a great experience for most people, it’s also a pretty scary one, and there’s no doubt most moms and dads have a lot of worries when it comes to their kids.

Well, now some of those parents have taken to the anonymous Whisper app to reveal the biggest worries they have about raising their children, and we bet a lot of people out there can definitely relate.

Parents’ biggest worries about raising their kids include:

  • “I’m scared for the day my daughter finds out that fairytales aren’t like they are in books.”
  • “Growing up I got teased by mean kids in school all the time. I am so afraid my child will be bullied for the same stupid things. I want her to know those bullies don’t matter.”
  • “Growing up I hated my mom. Now I’m 27 weeks pregnant and I’m scared to death my daughter will hate me.”
  • “I’m scared my kids will hate me when I’m older because their dad isn’t around.”
  • “I’m scared my son is going to grow up and treat women as bad as his father treated me.”
  • “I’m scared that my kids are going to love their dad more than me.”
  • “I’m scared that my daughter will grow up to be like me and I don’t know how to stop it from happening.”
  • “I’m scared my kids look at me differently because their dad died. It’s so hard to be there for your kids when you’re depressed.”
  • “I’m scared my kids will grow up and like all sorts of stuff I hate. Of course I’ll let them do whatever they want but I’ll be disappointed.”
  • “I’m scared my son will hate me for not being a good enough mom.”

Source: Whisper

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