#GoodNews: Volunteer Pilots Fly Planeloads of Dogs & Cats From Puerto Rico

Rick Browde, president and CEO of Wings of Rescue, a nonprofit that works with volunteer pilots to evacuate animals from places where their lives are in danger, has been a busy man. He’s been working nonstop since Hurricane Harvey hit Texas and now he’s helping in Puerto Rico.

Browde just flew thousands of pounds of diapers, food, and supplies in a rented cargo plane to the devastated island and left with it full of dogs and cats, being rescued and taken to the mainland. The rescue flights are being sponsored by the Humane Society of the United States and they’re a literal life-saver for these dogs and cats that were in the island’s shelters and rescues before Hurricane Maria hit.

"We just want to do what's best," Browde says. "Make sure that we are doing the right thing.”

Source: Today

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