#GoodNews: NFL Players Meet Young Fan, Buy Him Xbox


While running errands with his grandma, 10-year-old Jaden Watts went into a GameStop store in Dulles, Virginia and was checking out a video game system. The boy explained to a store employee that he wanted an Xbox One for a few years and was hoping to get one for his upcoming birthday.

Another customer overheard the conversation and after talking to him for a minute, told Jaden that he wanted to buy him the Xbox and to go get his grandmother to make sure it was okay. The kid did as he was told and when grandma came back, the man explained that he and the friend he was with were Keith Marshall and Rob Kelley, who play for the Washington Redskins!

The players were so polite, asking how Jaden was doing in school and taking photos with the happily surprised boy. “"He was the most humble kid you could ever meet," grandma Saundra Watts says of Marshall. "Everything was, 'Yes, ma'am.'"

And even though Jaden’s favorite NFL team is the Dallas Cowboys, now he’s a huge fan of these two Redskin players.

Source: Today

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