#GoodNews: Kind Cop Has Rescued Over 60 Stray Cats


Over the years, a Florida police station has served as a shelter for dozens of stray cats that officer Gretchen Byrne rescues from the streets and helps find new homes for. She’s rescued 63 cats in all, pampering each one and having them spayed and neutered before finding them a new place to live.

Byrne says sometimes she’ll have up to eight cats at her home at once, but if she didn’t save them, there would be a lot more abandoned cats on the streets. And she says having the little furballs there at the end of a long shift really helps her de-stress.

"Everybody knows me as the cop that loves cats,” Byrne says. "It all comes out of my paycheck at the end of the day but I don't have kids so it is probably still cheaper than having kids.”

Source: Inside Edition

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