Texans' Watson Gives First Game Check To Help Hurricane Victims


The “feel good” story of the NFL season just got even feel “good-ier.”

And whether you believe that’s an actual word or not, I will tell you something truly unbelievable—just how amazing rookie QB Deshaun Watson continues to be on and off the field.

Not only the did the rookie come within 30 seconds of Tom Brady to starting off his NFL career with two upset wins in 10 days—he just topped Brady’s comeback with a comeback effort of his own.

Thing is, Watson was helping other Texans make a comeback—namely the three NRG Stadium cafeteria workers he donated his first NFL game check after they were devastated by Hurricane Harvey.

“I'm excited to do a little a surprise to the cafeteria ladies that have been helpful for all of us so it should be cool," Watson said in the video, as he walked beneath the Texans' home stadium.

Watson walked into the cafeteria and handed three women three separate envelopes.

"For what you all do for us everyday and never complain," Watson said. "I really appreciate you all so I wanted to give my first game check to you all to help you out in some type of way."

"Thank you guys," Watson said. "I appreciate you all. Hopefully that's good to help you get back on your feet and anything else you all need, I'm always here to help."

He may as well have gave the ladies the rest of the day off as well.

I can’t imagine anyone eating with a giant lump in their throats.

Source: UPI

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