#GoodNews: Kitten Yoga Class Encourages Adoption


We’re used to seeing downward dogs in yoga class, but kittens? Not so much. Except at a Kitten Yoga class Laura-Beth Power teaches in Canada, where the little furballs run around the mats and entertain students while they’re stretching.

The four-legged babies might seem like a distraction, but Power’s been teaching with kittens for about a year and a half and she says it helps students stay in the moment.

“When that kitten comes up and brushes against your arm you’re with it, you’re feeling that moment and that is being present,” Power explains. “You’re not thinking about anything else when that kitten is sitting on your lap when you’re doing a forward fold. Our current motto is ‘be in the meow, be in the now’.”

And the best part about this kitten yoga is that the kittens are all available for adoption from the local SPCA and they sell out at almost every class. So it helps with “being in the meow” and finding a home for the kittens. Sign me up!

Source: CBS Miami

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