These ‘Jeopardy!’ Contestants Had No Clue On NFL Questions


A group of contestants on “Jeopardy!” last night proved that while they may be knowledgeable about many subjects, football is not among them.

During “The Jeopardy!” round, one of the categories was “NFL teams by Hall of Famer.”

Now notice two things—it’s the absolute last category left on the board as these three people obviously wanted nothing to do with it.

And then look at the blank stares when they are asked to name the team Hall of Famer “Mean Joe” Greene played for.

The again, maybe silence was far better considering when the next answer was given, Marcus Allen—one contestant answered with a baseball team!!!

Mercifully, time ran out.

And that’s a shame…I would’ve loved to have heard the next guess—the New Jersey Generals.

Source: Larry Brown Sports

Captain Tony

Captain Tony

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