Gregg Popovich Condemns Donald Trump's Comments


At first, Spurs coach Gregg Popovich attempted to exercise restraint in discussing President Donald Trump's comments on sports and protests, but he ultimately let loose. And during the team’s media day yesterday, he offered that "our country is an embarrassment to the world.”

Popovich mentioned that his players "have the right to say what they would like to say" and "act the way they'd like to act," adding that "they have our full support" and "it is important to them to be respected by us, and there is no recrimination, no matter what might take place, unless it's ridiculously egregious."

And while he never mentioned our president by name, the more he spoke, the more critical he became of out Commander In Tweets.

The 68-year-old Popovich, a graduate of the Air Force Academy who served five years in the military, ripped Trump's decision to rescind an invitation to the Golden State Warriors to visit the White House, calling it "disgusting" and "comical it was rescinded because they weren't going anyway."

"Our country is an embarrassment in the world," Popovich said. "This is an individual that when people held arms during games, [he thought] that they were doing it to honor the flag. That's delusional. But it's what we have to live with. You've got a choice: We can continue to bounce our heads off the walls with his conduct, or we can decide the institutions of our country are more important, people are more important, [the] decent America we all have and want is more important—get down to business at the grassroots level and do what we have to do."

Dating back to the 2016 presidential election campaign, Popovich has on several occasions voiced strong opinions regarding Trump, saying he was "still sick to my stomach" in the wake of the election.

And I don’t see Popovich getting his appetite back anytime soon.

Source: ESPN

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