#GoodNews: Dog Rescued Off Mountain After Six Weeks


A network of hikers in Alma, Colorado helped rescue a 14-year-old dog who was stuck on a dangerous mountainside for six weeks after running away from home. Larry Osborne says his dog, Chloe, ran away during a regular walk and they searched for her for weeks.

But after about four weeks, he started losing hope. But the next week, a hiker heard a faint bark. Trinity Smith says she saw a post online about the dog possibly being stuck up there at 14,000 feet, so she searched for two days for lost Chloe. And with the help of her friend, Sean Nichols, they finally found her, on the edge of a steep ledge.

Nichols brought Chloe down safely on his chest - she was so light, she weighed 90 pounds when she ran away and was down to 26 pounds when they saved her. Then Chloe and her owner had the happiest reunion, all thanks to these hikers.

“I just started crying. I couldn’t believe it was Chloe,” Osborne says. “With everything going on in the world, there are still good people out there.”

Source: CBS Denver

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