Jimmy Kimmel Goes After Senator Who Lied To Him


Jimmy Kimmel didn’t want to politicize his baby son’s medical condition, but he will if need be. And apparently there is need.

Kimmel is not pleased with the latest steps Republican lawmakers are taking in their attempt to repeal and replace Obamacare. He reminded his audience last night that his involvement in the healthcare dialogue came after his newborn son underwent emergency heart surgery.

He later had Louisiana Senator Bill Cassidy on to discuss the issue - the same man now backing the controversial Graham-Cassidy health reform bill. The lawmaker originally said that any health care bill should have to pass what he dubbed the Jimmy Kimmel test, meaning if someone less well off than Kimmel's family were faced with the same medical situation would they be able to afford the cost of care.

Kimmel said last night that in backing this bill, Cassidy had clearly lied to his face and the new Jimmy Kimmel test that Cassidy needs to take is a lie detector test.

Kimmel also posted the phone number for viewers to call the elected officials to tell them not to vote for the measure.

Source: ABC

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