Irving Says He Didn't Tell Lebron He Wanted To Leave Cleveland

You know how all of those Cavs fans that Kyrie Irving never met were burning his jersey when he left Cleveland?

Yeah, well I really don’t think Kyrie cared.

Because come to find out he didn’t even care how a man he shared three seasons and one NBA title with felt about it.

Irving appeared on ESPN's First Take on yesterday and flat out admitted he blindsided LeBron James when he got wind about the possible trade. When Stephen A. Smith asked if he had spoken LeBron before meeting with ownership to let them know that he wanted out, it went a little something like this:

Irving: No.

Smith: Why not?

Irving: Why would I have to?

Smith: If you don't speak to somebody about it then they might take it personally.

Irving: Yeah.

Smith: Do you care about that at all?

Irving: No.

Wow, Boston…meet your new “teammate.”

There’s no “I” in team, but there are three in Kyrie Irving.


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