#GoodNews: Man Loses Weight To Donate Liver To His Mom


A Massachusetts man has given his mom the greatest gift ever… life. Last year, Brian Bolduc knew his mom Rose was in trouble. Doctors told her she needed a new liver. She was put on a transplant list for a cadaver donor but started to rapidly get worse.

That’s when Brian found out being a living donor was an option. The liver is the only organ that regenerates. So, he got checked out, but doctors gave him the thumbs down because he was overweight and was on the way to getting the same disease his mom had. They said he would have to do the impossible to help his mom: lose 80 pounds.

There’s no greater motivator than a mother, so Brian got to work and with the help of his partner he dropped 40 pounds! It took creativity, like replacing pizza crusts with caulifower crusts, but he did it until he hit the magic number of 80.

In June, Brian qualified to be Rose’s donor. On September 6, the surgery took place and both mom and son are recovering well. Rose is beyond thrilled that her own son stepped up. “I feel so good that my son was able to save my life. I will never forget what he did.”

Source: Today

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