Russell Wilson Named In Unpaid Wages Lawsuit For Food Company

If you ask around the NFL, Seattle Seahawks QB Russell Wilson is one of the classiest players on and off the field donating his time and money to so many charitable organizations.

Which is why it’s hard to believe he’s being sued for not paying someone their money.

Yup. Wilson has been named in an unpaid wages lawsuit relating to a product which he endorses and for which he is also a minority owner.

According to TMZ Sports, two employees of the “Eat the Ball” food company, which manufactures bread in the shape of sports balls, claim they haven’t been paid by the company since July. They also allege in the suit that they haven’t gotten paid on multiple occasions.

The two company employees have filed to receive their unpaid wages plus damages and have named Wilson in the suit because he’s a company spokesperson and minority owner.

Should be interesting to see if they sue the balls out of Wilson.


Source: TMZ

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