WATCH: Grandpa Ends Stand-Off By Pushing Guy Off Roof


Well, this is one way to end a stand-off. In La Puente, California an unnamed suspect was up roof and refused to come down no matter how much the police attempted to “encourage” him to do so. 

Enter 83-year-old Wilford Burgess. He did what the cops couldn’t do – and threw the sucker right off. Burgess took his neighbor's ladder, and after warning deputies of his plans, went up on the roof. 

As Burgess puts it, he "got tired of his games and pushed him off." Pretty badass, right? 

Reflecting on the incident, he offers, “Just because you’re old don’t mean you got to sit down. As long as you’re able to move…move.” 

Source: ABC 7

Captain Tony

Captain Tony

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