#GoodNews: County Jail Becomes An "Ark" During Irma

The Animals at the Monroe County Sheriff’s animal farm would’ve been at the mercy of Hurricane Irma if it weren’t for the county jail. 

Monroe County was one of the most battered parts of Florida during the storm and in preparation, the inmates at the Stock Island Detention Center were evacuated to another location. That freed up the jail for the animals. 

The sheriff’s office and farm owner Jeanne Selander got the miniature horses settled in by the loading dock, the snakes, gators and reptiles comfy in their cages, even settled a sloth into some warm bedding. 

The petting farm prepped the “ark,” as they dubbed it, with fresh water it trash barrels, feed, and bedding ahead of landfall so even the alpacas felt at home. 

All the critters made it safely through the storm and even Mo the Sloth looks like he enjoyed his temporary home. The animals will be transported back when the all clear is given.

Source: ABC News

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