#GoodNews: Couple Postpones Wedding After Harvey, Feeds Hundreds Displaced


Texas couple Dayna Skolkin and fiancee Josh Tillis were supposed to get married the Sunday after Hurricane Harvey hit, so they had to postpone their nuptials. They had also planned a welcome dinner for loved ones before the wedding, but those gourmet meals were instead used to feed hundreds of victims of the natural disaster.

The couple happily volunteered to help prepare the food, which was breaded chicken, mashed potatoes, fresh vegetables and rolls, and it was delivered to hotels, the convention center, and other places people needed meals in Houston. And focusing on lending a hand even helped them feel better.

“Everyone in Houston right now is doing everything we can to try to help,” Skolkin says. “It was therapeutic for us to get out of our own personal feelings of sadness to do something productive for the community."

Source: Inside Edition

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