Houston Family Welcomes 16 Strangers And Pets After Hurricane

A Houston-area family is proving just how strong the kindness of strangers can be. Nicole Richert was driving in her neighborhood Monday when she saw people looking for shelter at a Shell gas station. She felt badly about their predicament, so she brought them to her house.

Richert, a children’s pastor at Fairfield Baptist Church, shuttled 16 strangers and seven dogs back to her house so they had a place to stay. She says they didn’t have anyplace to go, so she opened her doors and made them chili and cornbread for dinner. The guests include older couples, young families, and a dachshund who just had a litter of puppies.

"They were all complete strangers to Nicole, but Nicole shows all the best character traits of Texas hospitality and Christian love,” explains family friend Kevin McGown. “What a great lady.”

Source: Houston Chronicle

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