Corinne Breaks Her Silence Following "Bachelor In Paradise" Scandal


Corinne Olympios is breaking her silence. The woman at the center of the "Bachelor in Paradise" scandal says she doesn't have any memory of the incident between her and DeMario Jackson. 

According to Corinne, she blacked out thanks to a combination of booze and medication she was on. She claims she didn't know she wasn't supposed to drink while taking the unknown substance and the result was “like I went under anesthesia." 

Now she plans on weening herself off that particular medication. In the meantime, she doesn't blame the producers of the show and when it comes to her statement that she was a "victim," Corinne now claims she was victimized by the "media" who published unsubstantiated reports while she was still trying to figure out what happened.

Source: Good Morning America

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