#GoodNews: Dad Wants To Pay Off All Student Lunch Debt In Washington State

When Jeffrey Lew learned about the issue of kids who can’t pay for school lunches not getting to eat or accruing a debt so they can eat lunch, he wanted to do something about it. He was appalled that “school lunch shaming” was happening to any students, so the Seattle father of three started helping locally.

Lew paid off the lunch debt owed by students at his son’s school first, that was $97.10. Then he started a Go Fund Me campaign to pay off the $20,531.79 lunch debt for all of the Seattle Public Schools and reached his fundraising goal. So then he moved on to the surrounding counties, paying off more than $100,000 in debt at five school districts in Washington.

Now Lew is aiming higher. His goal is to raise enough money to eliminate student lunch debt for the whole state of Washington with a new Go Fund Me campaign. "This issue is important to me,” Lew says, “because I really feel passionate about helping students just do their best in school and not have to worry about having food to eat.”

Source: TODAY

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