DeShone Kizer Named Browns Starting Quarterback

If you’re out there listening to this broadcast, Brock Osweiler, I hate to break the news to you: but the starting QB in Cleveland this season will be rookie DeShone Kizer.

Hey people, don’t laugh, considering Osweiler recently told the media he believes he’s “better than ever” he’s living in a parallel universe where he may not have heard the news yet (despite the fact that Browns head coach Hue Jackson made the announcement yesterday).

So kudos to Kizer, and kudos to Jackson as well.

Because just one day after giving Kizer his first preseason start—he named him the starter sending a message to the perennial loser that Cleveland has become.

Hard work not only pays off, but is rewarded.

"He's earned the right to play through his preparation," Jackson said yesterday. "He's established a work ethic that I think has earned the respect of his teammates. I think it will afford him the ability to lead the offense as we move forward, which hopefully will lead to success.

 The ascension of Kizer means Osweiler, Cody Kessler and Kevin Hogan will play backup until further notice.

 Well, Kessler will be backing up Kizer.

 Something tells me the only thing Osweiler will be backing up is a moving van to his Cleveland house.


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