Police Investigating After HS Cheerleaders Forced To Do Splits


Earlier this month we reported the tragic story of a high school football player in New York who died after being hit by a log he and four others were carrying.

Well now comes news not as tragic, but nearly as terrifying given the fact that we have this video of cheerleaders being forced into doing splits.

And if you’re asking just how bad that video can be, I’ll put it to you this way, police are investigating a Denver high school's administration after this video surfaced.

The video shows an incoming freshman at East High School surrounded by teammates and a coach in June during the first week of cheer camp. The girl screams in pain and repeatedly cries "please stop" as the group tries to force her legs into a split.

The school's principal, cheer coach, assistant cheer coach and an assistant principal, as well as Denver Public Schools deputy general counsel, have been placed on leave during the investigation.

Parents have sent complaints to school administrators and the coach for months, KUSA reported. Denver police launched an investigation on August 23.

Denver Public Schools Superintendent Tom Boasberg called the video "extremely distressing" in a statement.

Yeah, this is taking the whole be aggressive “B-E AGGRESSIVE” thing to extremes.

Source: NBC Chicago

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