#GoodNews: A Six-Year-Old Boy Saved Drowning Twin Cousins


A tragedy was averted when six-year-old Branson Lee saved his twin two-year-old cousins from downing in the family pool. The first-grader saw Kaden and Isaac Kelley face down in the family pool and pulled the boys from the water before yelling for help from the adults at their Louisiana home and starting chest compressions.

The twins’ father, Steve Kelley, did CPR on them and after thirty seconds, Kaden started coughing and breathing. Another 30 seconds and Isaac came to. First responders airlifted the boys to the hospital and by morning, they were fully recovered - playing, pulling out their IVs and taking their oxygen off, like toddlers will do.

Jeannie Kelley, mom of the twins calls their survival a “total miracle.” And doctors say the outcome of the near-drowning isn’t something they see often, these scenarios are more likely to end in brain death and intubation.

“Everything just lined up perfect,” Jeannie says. “It was amazing.”

Source: USA Today

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