Man Ghosts A Girl He's Dating, A Decade Later She's His Boss!

For better or for worse, Ghosting someone you're dating (which for those who don't know, means just up and disappearing) is a relatively common thing. For one man, his bad relationship karma has come back to haunt him. The unnamed man explains after he and his girlfriend were together - and had been living together for two years - she talked about wanting to settle down. 

He wasn't ready to commit, so he up and left the country while she was away on a trip. He keeps the details vague, but explains this woman, "Sylvia," didn't take it well and would confront his family and friends. 

Fast forward to a decade later. The ghost is working at an international school in a different country and hasn't spoken to Sylvia since. Then, he found out his school was getting a new director...and it's Sylvia. We haven't gotten an update from the ghost, but he imagines it's going to be very uncomfortable reporting to the woman he bailed on big time. No duh.

Source: Ask A Manager

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