WATCH: Woman Steals Foul Ball From White Sox Fan


There’s no crying in baseball and, apparently in the bleachers in Chicago, there is no etiquette among White Sox fans.

At least when it comes to this gal at the White Sox game on Monday who flat out stole a foul ball from another fan when their team was facing the twins on Monday.

During the second inning of the game, a player hit a foul ball. A White Sox fan and a woman both went to grab the ball. The fan grabbed the baseball, but the woman snatched it from his hands.

Hey, turns out the fan wasn’t completely out of luck. Brooks Boyer, senior vice president of sales and marketing for the White Sox, gave the guy a signed baseball.

As for that lady - and I use that term loosely - she should also get something signed by Boyer: a a sternly worded letter.

Source: WGN 9

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