#GoodNews: Kicker Secures Two-Year Scholarship With His Skills

Bowling Green State University student Jake Suder had been paying for his education with one-year scholarships, but the Junior didn’t have one secured for the coming year. So when his coach offered the red-shirt kicker the chance to get his final two years of college paid for if he nailed a 53-yard field goal, a lot was riding on that kick.

Suder had been practicing with the football team over the summer, so he was somewhat prepared for the surprise offer. And whatever he did to mentally prepare for the kick worked, he sent that football right through the field goal posts and got his scholarship.

"It meant so much to me,” Suder says. “It was such a big weight lifted off my shoulders and knowing I wouldn’t have to take out student loans."

Source: USA Today

Captain Tony

Captain Tony

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