#GoodNews: Community Cleans Yard For Man With Cancer


After Jennifer Simmons’s husband was diagnosed with stage four laryngeal cancer, she became the sole breadwinner for her family. And while she was working so hard, she didn’t have a lot of leftover time to spend taking care of her yard. But with her lease up for renewal, she needed a good home inspection, so she reached out to her community for help.

Simmons posted a plea on Facebook for help from her friends and neighbors in Tucson. And she was surprised when more than 100 people agreed to come cut grass, pull weeds, and do whatever it takes to get her yard cleaned up. Some of the volunteers were total strangers who just wanted to lend a hand.

The community helped tackle the project and Simmons and her husband are forever grateful for the assistance in their time of need. “It restores my faith in humanity,” she says.


Captain Tony

Captain Tony

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