#GoodNews: Teen Thanks Dad For Being There From Kindergarten To College


Charles Brockman III has always known his parents support him. The recent high school graduate’s folks even have a special tradition of walking their only child to school at the beginning of each year. And to show his appreciation, the 17-year-old tweeted side-by-side photos of his dad walking him to school when he was in kindergarten and this year as he started college at Mississippi State University and people are loving it.

His tweet has gone viral and it’s easy to understand why. “From the first day of kindergarten to college move in,” the post reads. “Thank you dad.”

The Texas family never expected young Brockman’s tweet to get so much attention, but he’s glad his dad is getting some recognition for everything he’s done. “Sometimes fathers don’t get enough credit,” the teen says, “So I just had to pay it forward to him and thank him for all the years he’s been there for me.”.

Source: Today

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