#GoodNews: Pitbulls Protect Children From Venomous Snake


While pit bulls get plenty of bad press, two pooches in Florida are recovering from snakebites after risking their lives to save their humans. Melissa Butt says her grandchildren – 4-year-old Zayden and 1-year-old Mallory – were playing in the yard over the weekend. All was well until Slayer and Paco caught sight of a poisonous copperhead snake slither dangerously close.

The two dogs attacked the snake and each were bitten, but they’ll be fine. Appropriately, Slayer righteously killed the enemy – he paid for it with injuries to his snout and face. And while Paco has gone home, it’ll take a minute for Slayer to say the same. Either way, Butt is grateful. “They are my boys,” she says. “My protectors.”

Source: NBC4i

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