Now People Are Watching Foot Callus Removal Videos

Even if you wouldn’t dare watch one yourself, you’re probably aware that many people enjoy viewing Dr. Pimple Popper’s all too real extraction videos. Well, if those aren’t disgusting enough, now the Internet has another way for you to get your fix: there’s a YouTube channel dedicated to foot callus removals.

It’s called the Never Ending Callus, because of course it is. And to some, these videos of someone smoothing their feet are satisfying. The owner of the videos says he uploads his callus removals - which he does with a razor blade - because he’s “always had crazy calluses and people seem to find entertainment out of me cutting them off.”

Never Ending Callus guy’s condition comes from a genetic condition that causes fingernails and toenails to get thick and blisters and/or calluses to develop on the feet and rarely on the palms of the hands as well. So he uses that razor blade to remove the sometimes painful calluses, and at times he enlists the help of a foot grater to scrape off the dead, yellowed skin as well.

So if you’re entertained by extreme personal hygiene videos, this might be a new form of entertainment for you. But some of us just can’t stomach pimple popping or foot scraping videos, so we’ll stick with the funny animal clips and be just as happy.

Source: Allure

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