#GoodNews: Disabled War Hero Now Attends Harvard Medical School


Greg Galeazzi now wears a white lab coat at Harvard Medical School, but he’s been through an incredible journey to get there. Captain Galeazzi served a year-long deployment in Afghanistan and in May 2011, a roadside bomb claimed his legs and most of his right arm, a month before he was to return home.

The disabled veteran has endured more than 50 surgeries, hundreds of hours of physical therapy and spent months in a hospital during his treatment. But everything he’s been through has pushed him to pursue his dream of being a doctor.

“Not only did I still want to practice medicine, but it strengthened my resolve to do it,” explains Galeazzi. “Even though I’ve gone through this journey, it’s not lost on me how unbelievable this ride has been.”

Source: ABC News

Captain Tony

Captain Tony

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