Courtroom Sketch Artist Discusses Difficulty Drawing Taylor Swift


With no cameras allowed in the Denver courtroom during Taylor Swift’sgroping trial, the public was forced to rely on a sketch artist to show us what was going on. Unfortunately, many people criticized the drawings of Taylor, and now the guy responsible for them is speaking out.

Jeff Kandyba, an illustrator from Boulder, Colorado, says he was nervous about the trial and actually practiced drawing Taylor beforehand, but admits her “beauty” made her difficult to draw.

“It's hard. Some people are just much easier to draw than others. If you give me somebody with a beard and glasses - bingo - got it,” he tells Fox 31 Denver. “A person like Taylor Swift, who is very pretty - has perfectly proportioned dimensions on the face - is actually much harder [to sketch].”

Another thing making it difficult, is that with normal portraits, the artists’ muse sits still in one place positioned by the artist, but with courtroom drawings the artist is forced draw from whatever angle they are given, while the subject can move around at free will.

Source: Fox31 Denver

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