Justin Bieber Gets Rejected. In Public.


It would appear that Justin Bieber is looking for love in all the wrong places, like Twitter.

The lovely young Jessica Gober works at a gym in Georgia, and apparently caught his eye online - as they'd posted an ad that featured her. And according to her, he DM’d the gym’s Instagram and tried to get her contact info.

Gober, who's a receptionist, wasted no time tweeting it all out to the world. “Did this actually just happen," she wrote. "lmao Justin Bieber just messaged the gym that I work at and asked who I was hahahaha WTF.” Attached to that,  a screen-grab of the message, which read: “Who is that girl,” next to a heart emoji.

On top of that, she posted a snotload of pics...featuring her boyfriend. Better luck next time, Justin!

Source: Page Six

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