#GoodNews: Stylists Spends 13 Hours Fixing Depressed Teen's Matted Hair

A hairdresser-in-training in Waterloo, Iowa shared a story on Facebook about a client she worked on recently who has been so depressed, she hasn’t even felt like brushing her hair. Kayley Olsson, a 20-year-old student at cosmetology school worked on fixing the 16-year-old girl’s hair for 13 hours to get it looking good again for her school photos.

The teen came in asking for them to just shave her head because she had felt so worthless, she didn’t take care of herself. Instead, Olsson spent two days brushing her matted strands, cutting and styling her hair, leaving the teen with a cute shorter style for her school picture.

Olsson says it was one of the most challenging experiences she’s been through. But she wanted to share the story as a lesson about being aware and supportive of people with depression. At the end of the two days of hair styling and care, the teen told her,

"I will actually smile for my schools pictures today, you made me feel like me again." So all of her hard work was worth it.

Source: Daily Mail

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