Oops: Kaepernick's Name Misspelled In Support Rally Announcement

Regardless of what side you’re on, the battle over Colin Kaepernick’s still not being on a roster rages on.

And in case you still weren’t sure what to believe:

  • The people around the league, who cite his terrible stats and questionable attitude for the reason he isn’t on a roster,
  • …or the social justice warriors outside of it who insist it’s because he refused to stand for the anthem last season

…it was the latter group that’s made it easier to pick a side.

Because yesterday, just hours after it was announced that the "United We Stand Rally for Colin Kaepernick" will take place on August 23rd at NFL's headquarters on Park Avenue—the tweet publicizing the rally was retweeted by filmmaker Spike Lee.

And that showed just how little any of these people know about the game.

First of all everyone immediately assumed Spike Lee was behind the rally and he was not as Lee immediately retweeted the picture with the details and the caption:

"I did not organize and set up this protest. However, I still support my brother (Kaepernick) and his stance on the injustices in the USA."

But see here’s the thing—both of Lee’s tweets, and all of the 300 plus retweets—included a picture of Kaepernick with his name misspelled—with the first “e” missing.

Still, sure these people will be pretty happy as they are getting what they want, attention.

They’re just not giving any of their attention to detail, or to facts for that matter.

Source: Larry Brown Sports

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