Sinead O’Connor Posts Disturbing Video On Facebook

Sinead O’Connor is reaching out for help on social media. In case you missed it, the singer posted a video on Facebook from “a Travelodge motel in the arse end of New Jersey,” where she’s living. The singer opens up about her mental illness in the clip, which she captioned “I MADE THIS VIDEO BECAUSE I AM ONE OF MILLIONS,” and admits she’s suicidal. 

“I’m all by myself. And there’s absolutely nobody in my life except my doctor, my psychiatrist, the sweetest man on earth, who says I’m his hero, and that’s about the only thing keeping me alive at the moment … and that’s kind of pathetic,” she says through tears. “I want everyone to know what it’s like, that’s why I’m making this video. Mental illness, it’s like drugs, it doesn’t give a s–te who you are, and equally what’s worse, it’s the stigma, it doesn’t give a s–t who you are.” 

Source: Sinead O’Connor

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