Flesh-Eating Sea Bugs Attack Aussie Teenager


Sam Kanizay was doing what he's done a hundred times before, going for a dip in the water by his Brighton Beach, Australia home. This time, the 16-year-old walked back to the sand to discover blood all over his feet and ankles. When the bleeding didn't stop, Sam's parents took him to the hospital. 

At first, doctors couldn't figure out what exactly caused the thousands of tiny bites on the teen's legs. That's when Sam's dad Jarrod took matters into his own hands and went to the beach with a net and pieces of raw meat. “You know, nurses and doctors from the hospital weren't going to jump in and try to get these critters, right?” Jarrod explains. “I thought that someone had to solve the puzzle as to what had eaten Sam's legs.”

Based on the bugs Jarrod collected, it's believed Sam had a run-in with a type of amphipods, minuscule scavenging crustaceans that are attracted to the chemicals emitted by decaying meat. They're sometimes referred to as "sea fleas" but normally don't attack humans. By all accounts, Sam was "unlucky."

Source: Washington Post 

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