Heroic Eight-Year-Old Recognized For Saving Baby Sister From Fire


He’s only eight-years-old, but Harrison Holt is being recognized for being a hero. The kid helped bring his 11-month-old sister to safety during a recent fire at their family’s Dummer, New Hampshire home.

After Harrison’s dad, John Holt, finished mowing the lawn, he parked the mower in the barn. A few minutes later he saw smoke and ran out to try to put out the fire. He had Harrison call 911 and told them to go outside to their family’s designated emergency spot. That’s where big brother Harrison calmly stayed on the phone with 911 and held his baby sister in his other hand.

"He was standing there as cool as the other side of the pillow, just chatting with 911," Holt says.

And because of his heroism, Harrison was named an honorary member of the Milan-Dummer Fire Department by Fire Chief Bud Chapman. The Holts have to rebuild everything now, but they say seeing their son’s heroism and the community’s support have been the silver lining.

Source: TODAY

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