#GoodNews: Kids’ Viral Facebook Video Helps Mom Get A New Kidney


Pennsylvania mom Diana Zippay was in need of a kidney transplant because of her Alport syndrome, a genetic condition that causes kidney function to get worse over time. Her kids, eight-year-old Bailey and five-year-old Tobias, posted a now-viral video to Facebook to help their mama find a donor.

When their family friend Melissa Deighan saw it, she was moved to do something, even though she wasn’t a match for Zippay. So she reached out to the National Kidney Registry and they worked out a “paired chain” with Deighan as a peer donor. In a chain, a peer donates to someone in need and the recipient’s peer does the same.

So Zippay got her kidney transplant as a result of Deighan’s donation, but it didn’t just help her, it saved all those other people in the chain as well. And she did it all for the children. She says,  “I’m happy these kids have a little peace of mind that their mommy is going to be around for a long time.”

Source: Inside Edition

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