#GoodNews: Mom Helps Another Mom Flying Alone With Crying Kids

No one loves it when a kid starts crying on a flight, but most people just sit there complaining and rolling their eyes. And on Kesha Bernard’s recent flight home from her trip without her own kids, that’s what everyone started to do when a baby cried.

The mother of the infant also had a toddler with her who was melting down and other passengers started behaving badly as a result. One woman seated in front of them grabbed the three-year-old’s leg when she kicked her seat, another grown-up covered her ears - like a kid would - and others complained loudly.

Bernard realized this mom traveling alone with three little ones needed some support, so she got up and walked over to her and offered to help. The desperate mama handed off her baby and Bernard held her on her lap, where the infant stopped crying and drifted off to sleep.

In a now viral Facebook post, Bernard explains that we all need to be nice and considerate to each other. “How we can ignore a human in distress is beyond me,” she writes. “Help one another … it makes everything easier. I promise you won’t die.”

Source: Babble

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