Seamstress Alters Dresses For Free After Bridal Store Abruptly Closes


Rose Ellis had been a seamstress at Alfred Angelo in Oklahoma City for about seven years before the chain declared bankruptcy and abruptly closed all 60 stores in the U.S. And she was kind enough to bring home about 60 dresses that had been paid for but still needed alterations so she could work on them.

Ellis then called all the customers she had contact information for and let them know she had their gowns and would return them, with the alterations done at no additional charge. She also made contact with some brides through Facebook and when they learned Ellis was doing this good deed for free, some of the women set up a GoFundMe pageto pay for the expenses.

"My agenda is to make sure that all my brides I have come in contact with have that fabulous wedding day that they were expecting to have from the beginning," says Ellis. “Hey, if my girls are taken care of and they can walk down the aisle with a smile, there’s no worries.”

SourceSunny Skyz

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