Scaramucci's Friend Backtracks After Hinting About Priebus Affair

Tensions must be incredible between Reince Priebus and Anthony Scaramucci; why else would a friend do this?

A friend of Scaramucci, Arthur Parker sent out a below the belt attack at Priebus on Saturday. It said “Hey @Reince45. Oops; @Reince - you're unemployed now. Keep pushing this crap & I'll start dropping oppo on you. Mistress much?” It was quickly deleted, but like everything on the internet, not before it was captured for eternity.

Now, in normal life, it takes a lot for a friend to step up like that and there are no public posts by the former Chief of Staff against Scaramucci. Obviously people are wondering the real reason behind the salvo.

Parker did try an atone for his mistake. "I deleted my tweets re @Reince& apologized to him. Pretty sure he's not accepting my apology. Can't blame him. I'm ashamed of what I said."

See the captured tweet here. 

Source: AOL

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