#GoodNews: “Miracle Mom” Donates 5,000 Pints Of Breast Milk


Elizabeth Anderson-Sierra spends an unbelievable 10 hours a day pumping breast milk. She has something called hyperlactation syndrome, which means she makes way more milk than she needs to feed her six-month-old daughter, so she donates the rest.

This Beaverton, Oregon mom has donated 5,000 pints of breast milk in the last several years and is able to pump around 1.75 gallons a day, in addition to feeding her own baby. She donates about half of her “liquid gold” to California milk bank Prolacta Bioscience and the other half is picked up from her house by local parents who need it.

Anderson-Sierra says she doesn’t discriminate, and she donates to gay couples, as well as moms who are on medication or lost their breasts to breast cancer."It makes me feel like I am giving back to my community and I'm participating in humanity,” she explains. “I would encourage other mums to reach out to their own community and consider donating.”

Source: The Mirror

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