Garth Brooks Delivers On Wedding Gift Promise To Fans

In late June, a week before their wedding, Jude and Jamie Blanchard went to see Garth Brooks on his opening night at the Cajundome in Louisiana. Bride-to-be Jamie held up a sign saying “Best week ever. Garth this Friday, our wedding next Friday.”

Naturally, when the G-man saw the sign near the front row, he responded by singing “To Make You Feel My Love” to them. He also asked what was on their registry because “me and Mrs. Yearwood, we’ll get it for you.”, so she gave him a wedding invitation.

And he and Trisha Yearwood delivered big time. The Blancards received a few boxes filled with things like two lounge chairs, a KitchenAid mixer, a Rowenta iron, a meat-grinder, a string of industrial patio lights and several other items.

Jamie was shocked. "It's a crazy amount of stuff," she said. "I don't know what I thought he was going to send us, but this is just beyond what we were expecting. ... I'm really humbled."

She added that he had already given them the best gift ever…singing to the couple.

 Source: USA Today

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