Phillies Prospect’s Inside-The-Park Grand Slam With Amazing Slide


Wow, is it me or is this almost the complete opposite of what we saw yesterday when the Yankees Todd Frazier hit into a triple play while knocking in a run.

Because last night Phillies prospect J.P. Crawford got four RBI on one swing when he hit an inside-the-park grand slam.

And the thing is, this should have been a triple at best because it was made possible by one of the more incredible slides we’ve ever seen.

Crawford’s drive to center took a crazy bounce off the wall, which easily cleared the bases. But Crawford wasn’t satisfied with a bases-clearing triple. He was going for the full, inside-the-park grand slam and nobody was going to stop him.

The throw home had Crawford beat by what looked like 10-feet. He was done. But as catcher David Freitas was squaring up to apply the tag, Crawford deked him out with a quick slide.

Just watch how much the ball beat him by.

You can only wonder how much worse Freitas will beat himself over that missed tag.

Source: USA Today

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