“Game Of Thrones” Fans Can Now Get Direwolf Bread

Die-hard fans of “Game Of Thrones” might remember the character of Hot Pie. He’s a friend of Arya Stark, and the two recently had a brief reunion on the show. If that was a spoiler…deal with it…it’s been five days. Hot Pie’s baked goods look mighty tasty, and now you can taste them for real.

Ben Hawkey’s the actor who plays the character, and he’s decided to capitalize by launching his own bakery. He’s dubbed it “You Know Nothing John Dough,” and – yes – he’ll be selling Direwolf bread. The recipe contains goodness like cornbread and orange zest, and tastes best when is served warm with some butter He’s sure to have other delicious backed goods, too. However, the Direwolf’s what the fans coming in will truly be clamoring for.

Source: News Hub New Zealand


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