Rick Perry Falls For A “Russian” Prank


Energy Secretary Rick Perry fell for one of the oldest pranks in the books.

Perry was interviewed on the phone yesterday by two people he thought were with the Ukrainian Prime Minister. They were actually well-known Russian pranksters. The interview started out normal, with questions about oil development and the Paris Climate Accord.

The pranksters then claimed Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko had created a new "biofuel" by mixing moonshine and pig manure. If he was onto the joke, Perry didn't seem to show it.

They also said Poroshenko discusses international matters with a squirrel. The Department of Energy later admitted that they were the latest target of the pranksters, who they said are "known for pranking high-level officials." The call in its entirety was posted online on a Russian website.

You can hear the call HERE. And yes, part of it is in Russian.

Source: USA Today

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